Sunday, April 30, 2017

You'll Go Wild for The Wildness of Flowers by Beverly Zeimer!

We here at NightBallet Press are publishing our 100th title,
and we couldn't be more pleased or excited about this milestone!

It is our pleasure to present The Wildness of Flowers by Beverly Zeimer!


The Wildness of Flowers, a poetry collection by Ohio poet Beverly Zeimer, is the long-awaited follow-up to her award winning chapbook Pick a Way (Pudding House Publications, 2009). From burning movie magazines to keep warm, to playing Grandma and Jesse James, to the mama doll she got for Christmas one year, Zeimer remembers, explores, and celebrates, with vivid detail and a deft hand, rural life in southern Ohio.

Beverly Zeimer was awarded a grant by the Greater Columbus Arts Council in 2013 to further her work in encouraging aspiring writers to preserve their varied traditional cultures in poetic form. She has been published in various journals and anthologies, including Love Poems and Other Messages for Bruce Springsteen (Pudding House, 2009), A Community of Voices: Reflections on Identity and Diversity (College of Wooster, 2010), and Every River on Earth: Writing from Appalachian Ohio (Ohio University Press, 2015).  She lives in the Darby Valley near Big Darby Creek, where she enjoys the quiet of nature.

Excerpted from her author's statement in Pick a Way:

"My interest in poetry dates back to childhood when my mother, inspiring a lifetime love for the language, taught me verse.  Migrating from the Appalachia, my grandparents, and parents, were tenant farmers, and our family learned to make the most of its resources, the ancient tradition of poetry free for the taking.  I spent hours memorizing poems, and each Sunday, I recited a piece in church.

A member of a writer's group, I work with other regional poets, welcoming their critiques, and I revise many times to mold my poems into colorful detail.  I write in narrative free verse, as in keeping with the freedom of rural living.

My desire is to record these stories and pass them on, assuring that no account of my relationship with Ohio's rich cultural heritage is left out.  My hope is that one day, the lifestyles of tenant families, migrant workers, and farm laborers will be preserved in a larger, comprehensive collection of poems."

The Wildness of Flowers contains 28 pages of 21 poems, and is printed on crisp white paper.  The cover is a textured white cardstock with a bright coral cardstock insert, and a cover photo (taken at the OPA's recent ekphrastacy anthology release) Photo Pro-ed by the editor.  But the best parts of the book are the poems contained within!

This book is available now, for only eight dollars (which includes the three dollars postage). And best of all?  You can order it right here, right now, through PayPal!  You don't have to have a PayPal account to order--just a debit or credit card. NightBallet Press also takes checks and money orders, but please contact the editor first.

Help us celebrate the release of our 100th title(!) and treat yourself to the loving and soulful reminiscence that permeates Zeimer's The Wildness of Flowers!

A One Year Subscription to NightBallet Press has been made available, with eight titles already available for mailing, plus several more scheduled to be published by September 2017, and The Wildness of Flowers is one of those eight!  This incredible offer means that you'll receive every book that NBP publishes during its sixth season--September 2016 to September 2017--free of postage charges--for a one-time payment of only fifty dollars/$50.00!  If you wish to be a "wingman" and celebrate with us the art and heart of poetry, hit the PayPal button below and I'll put your package of books in the mail pronto!

Friday, April 21, 2017

You'll Be Begging for A Beggar's Prayer Book by Nathanael William Stolte!

To continue National Poetry Month festivities, NightBallet Press proudly announces the publication of A Beggar's Prayer Book by Buffalo poet Nathanael William Stolte!

A Beggar's Prayer Book is NBP's 99th book, and we couldn't be more pleased about it. We met Nathanael when we read with NBP poet Joey Nicoletti in Buffalo last year.  He is an engaging and dynamic performer, and his poems touch both heart and soul with their insights and longing.
                                                         photo by Amanda Giczkowski,
                                                               used with permission

Nathanael William Stolte
is the acquisitions editor for CWP Press.  His poems have appeared in GTK Creative Journal, Poems-For-All, and numerous online publications.  He is the author of four previous chapbooks, some of which can be found at  Stolte is a madcap, flower-punk, DIY, Buffalo-bred and corn-fed poet; he was voted Best Poet in Buffalo in 2016 by Artvoices' "Best of Buffalo."
A Beggar's Prayer Book is 20 pages and contains 12 poems.  The cover is a textured, pale ivory cardstock with a heavy cinnamon-and-cream cardstock insert.  The text is printed on matching textured ivory paper. 

You will beg for more, more, MORE, once you've read Stolte's poems in A Beggar's Prayer Book!  It can be yours for only $5 plus $3 shipping/handling.  You can order it HERE, right through PayPal!  It will also be available on Amazon. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Get Ready...Get Set...Get LIPSMACKED! (Year 5, at long last)

NightBallet Press is enormously pleased (and relieved) to publish Lipsmack! A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year Five 2016, just in time to celebrate the beginning of April, National Poetry Month!  And no, this isn't an April fool's joke!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to postpone Lipsmack's publication from October, 2016 until April, 2017.  But the poems have been marinating all this time, and man, are they ever suh-weeeet and tasty now!

This anthology contains eleven poems by eleven super poets, plus an illustration by an amazing artist, all of them published this past season by NightBallet Press. The poems, poets, and the NBP books published this past year, are listed: 

DANCE WITH IT STEADY by George Wallace    (Drugged by Hollywood)
Graveyard Shift
by Andy Roberts                        (Yeasayer)
Head & Shoulders
by Joey Nicoletti            (Counterfeit Moon)
California Dreamin’
by Chansonette Buck          (unfinished litany)
by John Burroughs                                      (Beat Attitude)
End of the World 2.0
by Lenny DellaRocca        (The Sleep Talker)
The Pink Chamber by D. R. Wagner                   (The Generation of Forms)

Critique of Certain Vacation Photos by Steve Abbott (The Incoherent Pull of Want)
by Robert Walicki                                      (The Almost Sound of Snow Falling)
by Wolfgang Carstens                                   (Rented Mule)
illustration for “now” by Janne Karlsson                (Rented Mule)
How I Got Here by M. J. Arcangelini                    (Room Enough)

(To check out or buy any of the books listed, simply click on the title and you will link to the original blog and a PayPal button.)

With a succulent cover photo by the talented photographer Chandra Alderman, Lipsmack! is a mouthwatering treat!

Yes, we were rather male poet oriented last year—except, of course, for Chansonette Buck—but this, too, was beyond our control.  While we strive to maintain a balance, several of our female poets slated for year five publication opted to have their manuscripts moved to a later time in the year.  That means year six will have no less than nine women poets represented!

Lipsmack! A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year Five, 2016 is on the table. To obtain your bite, simply click on the PayPal button below, and it will be delivered to your door, ready for consuming.  ONLY $5; NightBallet Press will pay the postage!

(sorry!  postage free only in the U.S.! outside the U.S., please contact me for payment details)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Celebrate Women's History Month with Lyn Lifshin's LITTLE DANCER

Please join us as NightBallet Press celebrates Women's History Month with the release of Lyn Lifshin's newest collection of poems, Little Dancer - The Degas Poems!


Little Dancer -The Degas Poems is the fourth NightBallet Press book by the legendary American poet Lyn Lifshin.  (The first three were Moving Thru Stained Glass - The Maple Poems, Tangled as the Alphabet - The Istanbul Poems, and Knife Edge and Absinthe - The Tango Poems.)  In this newest book, Lifshin imagines and explores the world of Marie Van Goethem, the "Little Dancer" sculpted by Edgar Degas. 

In her introduction, Lifshin writes:

"Now loved, Degas' original wax version of the little dancer was hated, though his paintings had been greeted enthusiastically.  His sculpture of The Little Dancer, Aged 14, was considered shocking and unsettling, like a little monkey.  It is said one father cried, 'God forbid my daughter should become a dancer.'  Many were shocked by her pose and the material used: human hair, beeswax, silk.  Degas loved the opera and ballet but this statue was called 'repulsive' and 'vicious,' a threat to society.  It forced viewers to look at the seamy side of life since most of the young girls came from very poor slums and working class families.  Others were horrified that she seemed to champion ugliness and depravity.  Degas never again exhibited the sculpture.  And, though he painted ballerinas all his life, The Little Dancer was largely forgotten until it was rediscovered with dozens of other sculptures.  His fascination with making sculpture was little know in his lifetime, unlike his portraits, history paintings, scenes from modern life, the world of horse racing, and the theater and ballet." 

Christina Zawadiwsky, winner of a National Endowment Award, and author of The Hand on the Head of Lazarus, wrote this review:

"We now recognize The Little Dancer sculpture by Degas as arresting and compelling, but there was a time when she was considered scandalous and disturbing.  Lyn Lifshin's poems celebrate her creation as a symbol of so many young and impoverished French female dancers who attempted to fill our world with grace, energy, and beauty.  And Lifshin's insightful and incisive Little Dancer poems remind us to remember her name, Marie Van Goethem, so that she will never fade into obscurity."

Little Dancer - The Degas Poems contains 29 poems on 40 pages, printed on creamy white paper in a clean Arial 10 font. The front cover cardstock is a pale dove gray, and the heavy cardstock insert is a rich gray-green.  The cover photo and inside photos were taken by Albert Jordan at the National Gallery of Art. 

Lyn Lifshin won the Jack Kerouac Award for her book Kiss the Skin Off, the Paterson Poetry Award for Before It's Light, and the Texas Review Award for The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian.  She's been praised by Robert Frost, Ken Kesey, and Richard Eberhart, and is the subject of the award-winning documentary Not Made of Glass.  Lifshin earned the distinction "Queen of the Small Presses" for her dedication to the small presses which first published her.  Her most recent books include Secretariat: The Red Freak, the Miracle (Texas Review Press, 2014) and #AliveLikeALoadedGun (Transcendent Zero Press, 2016).  For much more, visit her website at

Little Dancer - The Degas Poems
is available beginning March 19, 2017, for only ten dollars plus four dollars shipping/handling, right here, directly through PayPal. (Canadians and overseas buyers, please do not use the PayPal button.  Contact the press - nightballetpress at gmail dot com - for your shipping costs.  Thank you!)

Mention "Women's History Month" in the order's "note to the seller" section, and I will include another NightBallet Press book authored by a woman (my choice) for free! 

You can also find Little Dancer on Amazon, and of course, it will be available from Lifshin herself at her website. Order your copy today!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Catch Some Dreams With Margie Shaheed's Dream Catcher!

NightBallet Press has released a brand new book of poems
by Margie Shaheed, Dream Catcher

We are extremely pleased to continue the tradition of spotlighting a fantastic Black poet during the month of February to honor and commemorate Black History Month.

(Yes, we realize this is the first day of March, but we are claiming this book as February's title.)

Dream Catcher is filled with poems garnered in the past year of Shaheed's life: 
conversations, lovemaking, triumph in aging, political and historical happenings, friends' influences, anger at injustices, all steeped in the rich tradition of African-American storytelling.  Her strong and unique voice shines through such wonderfully titled poems as "So Dis Ain't Home Sweet Home: Adjust," "What to Do with a Nipple," and "Kneel and Be Spotted."  Here's a delightful sample poem from Dream Catcher:

Hair 101
for Ms. Thick

my club sister suggested
i get braids in my hair
said i would look cute
i told her i have an aversion
to fake hair—never did like it
now what i will do is
get my three inches
of natural hair twisted
into a short braid-like style
see how she likes that

This is Margie's third NightBallet Press book, and she continues to be our most prolific seller.  The number sold of her two previous NBP books total well over a thousand copies, so you know her poetry is on fire!

Margie Shaheed is a community poet, writer, and dyamic performance artist.  Her work has appeared in, among others, Essence Magazine, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, and Split This Rock.  Books include Mosaic (NBP, 2013), Onomatopoeia (NBP, 2015), and Playground (Hidden Charm Press, 2015).  She is also the author of Tongue Shakers: Interviews and Narratives  on Speaking Mother Tongue in a Multicultural Society (Hamilton Books, to be published later this year of 2017).   She can be contacted at

Of Margie's work, people have written:

*Dream Catcher is another word for the poet Margie Shaheed, who gathers pieces of life in her net from both her own experience and the evening news.  These poems name names and cultural moments. Their scope is large. They draw attention to racial oppression, to incarceration as the new slavery.  They celebrate heroes who heal us, like George Washington Carver and Colin Kaepernick. They call out puritanical hypocrisy, affirming the body and love. They sing the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary in a series of haiku. Shaheed offers elegies for an educator, a blues singer, a sister, and the victims of unjust law enforcement....The poet listens, filing nuggets away for when the time for writing comes, when she creates startling images like “a palm full of brown sugar/thrown into a pot of boiling corn” and striking figures like “grandchildren sewn into the hem” of a skirt.
Charlene Fix, Professor Emeritus, English Columbus College of Art & Design

Margie Shaheed's work is as real as it gets, and Dream Catcher may be her best work yet.  In it, Shaheed tears down walls, pulls back muscle and exposes the bones and soul of a unique but often all-too-common American experience.  Especially now, this chapbook is essential reading.John Burroughs, author of The Eater of the Absurd, founder and editor of Crisis Chronicles Press
John Burroughs, poet, author of The Eater of the Absurd, founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press

* Margie Shaheed’s resonant poetic voice is teeming with keen insight on life and the human condition. Her observations of reality and skillful narrative compel one to listen intently.

Vince Robinson, poet, photographer, musician

*In a literary world of fantasy and make believe, Dream Catcher presents an in-the-moment pulse for the reader to experience our vigorous world.  This is a collection of work with a sundry canvas of simplistic characters yet beautifully audacious words, challenging the art of gravity with sullen and euphoric truths.
Nikki Skies, author, poet, playwright

*Margie Shaheed's Dream Catcher poems are eloquently woven word quilts.  Life filled, sensual, powerful, tender, courageous and unapologetic, her poems are beautiful, richly crafted testaments, written by a woman who knows and understands life.  Her poems...remind us why we read and love poetry.  Clearly, she is one of America's leading and unique voices of poetry.
Lorraine Currelley, founder and executive director of Poets Network & Exchange, Inc.

Dream Catcher contains 29 poems on 32 pages, printed on thick white textured paper.  The cardstock cover is a very pale dove gray, and the thick cardstock insert is a rich mauve.  Released today, Dream Catcher is available for only $10 plus $4 shipping and handling, right here, right now!  Why wait?  Order your copy now, and avoid the rush!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


NightBallet Press congratulates Steve Brightman on the awesome review of In Brilliant Explosions Alone in the Fall 2016 issue of Spitball Magazine. The review, written by Mike Shannon, spans 6 pages and features a black and white photo of the cover of In Brilliant Explosions Alone.

Many thanks to Mike Shannon for the complimentary copy of Spitball, and to Mark Schraf, the fiction editor, for his words and support.

With baseball season beginning again, you owe it to yourself to check out
Spitball Magazine

And, if you haven't already obtained your very own copy of In Brilliant Explosions Alone, you may order it right here, right now!